Basic Obedience training gives you a solid groundwork for all future training, as well as the simple advantage of understanding your dog. You will learn, sit, down, focus, sit/stay, down/stay, leave it, touch, loose leash walking, and bed. We will also introduce come and heel, which are two of the more difficult cues (to be solidified in future training). More importantly, as we work with you to perfect these cues, you will build a relationship with your dog that will carry you through any future training. Each week you will develop a better understanding of the thought process of your adult dog or puppy and form a hierarchy that will work for your home within your everyday routines.

Our basic obedience training is done primarily on a private basis which allows for us to work on a more personal level with our students. It also allows us flexibility to make minor changes to the course outline if there is something over and above that you would like help with. The course runs once a week for 6 weeks.  Because we are working one on one it allows us freedoms so we are able to fluctuate the timing of our classes. The price of the course is $175.00 plus tax and is paid the first day of class.  Feel free to take advantage of our “Bring-A-Friend Program”, which allows you to enroll as a group, and receive additional discounts. Please feel free to call us for more information, or course availability.

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