From a very young age Karen has dreamed about building a doggie hotel. Kaycee’s Kritters is situated on 5 ½ acres of land. We have a small hobby farm which adds extra entertainment and scenery for our visitors. We are months away from the completion of our addition which will add extra space both indoors and out.

We know this is not home, but we hope to make your pets stay away from you as easy as possible for them. We have a few practices in place to help us accomplish this. Before leaving we will work with you to build a stay plan. We realize that you know your pet better then anyone so at drop off we will gather all the information we can to help us make the stay as comfortable as possible. Our first goal is to keep your pet’s routine as close to home as possible. We will collect all feeding and medication schedules to keep things on track. We ask that you bring enough food for the stay as a change in diet can cause stomach upset. Our second goal is to make the stay fun. Each guest is given a temperament analysis, which will help us to plan play times and extracurricular. We find that most of our clients are wonderful at play with others, so we usually allow everyone out of their rooms to play and romp with us as we work through our day in the shop. They generally chase and play with each other running in and out of the dog doors all morning long which usually then results in an afternoon nap to recharge their batteries for round two and by the time bedtime rolls around everyone is tired and ready for bed. If we happen to have any guests who are not quite as adventurous, we generally do timed play out so everyone gets a chance to run and hang out with us.

Currently, Kaycee’s has rooms ranging from 40-80 sq ft. Each room has a window and a pet door, giving your pet lots of sunshine and free access to their private outdoor run. All doors are left open all day and are only locked at night for safety when everybody is tucked into bed with a special treat (upon owner approval). Our staff is trained in animal care, so we are familiar with administering medication, and all forms of feeding (including raw). Our staff also consists of animal lovers so hugs and attention are handed out freely.


  • $30.00 per day per room rental (incl stay for 1 dog)
  • Any accumulated 10 days gets 1 room rental free
  • $20.00 each additional dog within a room rented
  • $5.00 for individual private walks
  • 10% off stay with Inboard Bath and Nails

Check In/Out Time And Procedures

It is very important to us that we make your pets stay here as calm and enjoyable as possible. We have a certain routine here and our visitors get used to our routine and rely on the structure. To keep everything consistent and simple, we do drop offs and pick ups by appointment.  This allows us to plan our days accordingly.  There are quite a few events within our day that need our undivided attention. (ie. outdoor play/walks/baths)  Doing drop off and pick up by appointment also allows us to have everything ready for you and devote the time we need to thoroughly plan out your stay.   You will be asked to book your drop off and pick up time at the time of booking.  If plans change feel free to call us and we can reschedule the appointment for you.  Each appointment is a 15 minute slot so if you feel you can not make that window please call and reschedule.

**Our people hours available for appointment are 8am-8pm

Unfortunately, we have a strict no people policy after close.  There will be NO drop offs or pick ups after 8pm or before 8am.  This allows us to keep things on schedule.  Our night time consists of a wind down time after 8 which ends with treats (owner approved) and bedtime.  This structure is very important for our guests good nights sleep.

Personal Belongings

To maintain our calm, balanced, safe environment we will no longer be taking beds and personal belongings into our hotel. If there is nothing here that belongs to anyone there is nothing for anyone to fight over. We have beds, dishes and toys here and the difference is they belong to us so are not worth protecting. Our other reason for this change is that some dogs get destructive during their stay and we would rather them destroy our stuff rather than yours. Hopefully, this will also help you with the amount of ‘packing”.

**All we require is enough food for the stay, and any updated vet certificates.

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