About Kaycee’s

My name is Karen and I am a self proclaimed animal lover. From the time I was young I have had animals in my life. I decided at an early age that the best career for me was in the animal field. I took a part time job in a veterinary clinic while I was in high school, to set me on the right path. Graduating from Sheridan College with an Animal Care Technician Degree, I continued to work full time at the vets and also completed a course in animal nutrition.Using my knowledge, persistence and my natural love for my ‘babies’ I was able to open my own business. Kaycee’s Pet Food and Supplies was born. I operated the store for two years before introducing grooming into the mix. I loved the idea of dealing with the animals ‘hands on’ every day, and dove right into my work. That resulted in a very successful business, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After moving to Brantford and some time off to have a couple of babies of my own I created the sequel, Kaycee’s Kritters. Starting small with grooming from my home to my dream come true, Kaycee’s Kritters has continued to grow beyond my expectations.

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